Easter Island Travel Guide

Easter Island Travel Guide

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Are you looking for a place to just relax and enjoy tranquil ambient and have fun with a lot of activities away from home? Easter Island is the best place to be. Located in the Pacific Ocean just to the west of Chile in South America Easter Island also known as Rapa Nui is a small island which is known for its Moai statues which have now become a place of interest for tourists. From its name, the island was discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722 and for its commemoration, it was named Easter Island.


Located in the Pacific Ocean to get there you may use cruise ships which around 25 of them reach the island per year. You may also choose to travel by air and there are two flight connections to Rapa Nui one is Papeete airport which is in Tahiti and Santiago which is in Chile. Being part of Chile, citizens of USA, EU, Canada, and Australia don’t require a visa to get to enter chile all they require is a flight ticket stating that they will leave the country within 90 days. Fares range between 400-1200 USD roundtrip from Santiago.

The island is a bit below the equator therefore, you can visit the island all through the year since it has quite pleasant weather conditions. From the month of December to February are the peak seasons and therefore you may need to book reservations earlier before arrivals like car rental and hotel.