The Weirdest Places to Travel

Traveling is the iconic symbol of freedom and enjoyment. For most people traveling are an art and a passion. Some like to experience the beauty of the world and some like to fulfill the void space of excitement and adventure. People often travel to places which are beautiful, astounding, historic, mind blowing and full of nostalgia while some people like to travel to new places full of mystery, puzzles, and wonders. These places frequently described as weird or just act of nature often gets the heart pumping for more to see.

Adventurers, travelers, and explorers always find these acts of nature along with their journey and live to tell the tale to others who are interested in traveling to such places. My Uncle Ned is a quirky guy and he wanted to take someone on some fun travel areas that aren’t overtaken by tourists. So since he took me on a few trips, I’m dedicating the rest of this post to Uncle Ned of

Spotted Lake

The spotted lake is one of the sacred places of the nearby tribal village in Okanagan in the British Columbia, Canada. The lake is pretty weird and hardly able to be explained and the reason for it is because, in the summertime, the water in the lake evaporates and leaves behind mineral pools and all of which are of different colors. It’s hardly one of the fascinating lakes with such unexplained logic that people still don’t understand about it.  spotted lake

Thor’s well

Thor’s well refers to a great sinkhole that is present in the Oregon, USA. The sinkhole is also known as spouting horn. The water rushes into the sinkhole and shoots out with tremendous pressure. The place can be viewed and spotted at Captain Crook Trail. The visitors are always advised to stay well back from the area otherwise they might end up there in the hole.

The hand in the desert

This is a symbolic representation of a Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal. This sculpture is present in Chile’s Atamaca desert. The hand represents the human suffering and the lost realization of hope that exists in a person. Though the sculpture says more when looked up close yet its impossible to understand the real logic of this to be made in a desert. 

hand in the desert

 Chocolate Hills

These hills of Bohol Islands, Philippines are mistaken to be made by the man work when in reality it is an act of nature. The reason behind these hills is due to the rainwater erosion and coral deposits that exist in this place which causes them to develop the evenly and regular shaped conical hills. Though what’s remarkable is that it changes its color to brown in the dry season and thus named as “chocolate hills”

Red beach

This is one of the absurd act of nature which is extremely weird for visitors. It is present in Panjin, China and has a special type of seaweed known as Sueda. The seaweed is what turns the water on the beach red. The seaweed turns into bright red color in the autumn season and thus creating the image of the read water beach. This place is fun to go to and many visitors get shocked to see this place.